Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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ALERT: Contest Length In Question

MLE sources tell Competitive Eating News that documents recently uncovered in Brooklyn, NY indicate that the original Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating contest rules stated that contests were to be 10 minutes in length rather than the 12 minutes that's been exercised in recent history. This could send shock waves through the competitive eating community considering that modern eating fans hold the 12 minute contest dear and that this duration is what's currently documented in the IFOCE rule book.

CEN is told that the questions about contest length first came about when MLE was told of the discovery of a package of antiquated documents found in Brooklyn. This package, which may have been discovered as recently as the past fews day, apparently contains a decades old brief on the rules of the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Contest. The characteristics of this brief are unclear, but sources believe that MLE may be seeking to verify, or already has verified, the authenticity of the document.

The first Nathan's Famous qualifier is set to occur tomorrow in Las Vegas. There's no indication the length of that contest will be adjusted. Calls and emails to George and Richard Shea have gone unanswered. Their offices have denied to facilitate contact or arrange for interviews.

CEN will continue to monitor this development.