Thursday, November 26, 2020
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KSOV Line-Up Set

A scheduling conflict for Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas has knocked her from KSOV, enabling officials to announce the final line-up.

Badlands Booker and Juris Shibayama both ate 51 Krystals in qualifiers and have both secured wild card spots. Erik The Red and Crazy Legs each ate a personal best of 50 in a Krystal qualifier this year and they each competed twice. Crazy Legs consumed 48 in the lesser of his two qualifying attempts and Erik The Red ate 43 in the lesser of his. The combined total prevails and Crazy Legs Conti secures the third wild card of 2008.

The rest of the KSO V field is as follows:

Joey Chestnut (defending champ)

Bob Shoudt (Chattanooga champ)

Hall Hunt (Jacksonville champ)

Pat Bertoletti (Atlanta champ)

Juliet Lee (Nashville champ)

Eater X (Knoxville champ)

Takeru Kobayashi (Birmingham champ)

Rich LeFevre (Memphis champ)

September 28, Chattanooga, TN, $50,000 on the line.