Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Controversy in Florida

Tempers flared after the first Nathan's Famous qualifier in Sunrise, Florida. Many believed that Joe LaRue was robbed of a victory despite a one-minute eat-off after a tie in regulaton.

The victory was given to Crazy Legs Conti, who has been accused in the past of using his water cup to disintegrate buns -- some say purposely. While no formal complaints have been registered (LaRue has maintained a gentlemanly silence), many have asked for closer scrutiny of the contests.

Last year, in the final Nathan's Shea Stadium qualifier, many eaters grumbled about Legs' highly suspicious use of the water cup.

Dunking is allowed in league events. However, Commissioner Hungry Charles Hardy recently issued a memo that reiterates a five-second dunking rule, with the possibility of deductions or disqualifications for those who abuse the dunking practice.

Most believe LaRue will find a way into the July 4 event, but it has not quieted the buzz over another controversial Legs victory.