Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Cookie Jarvis' Greatest Challenge

When one looks back on the history of eating, one figure looms especially large: Edward Cookie Jarvis, the 6'4" giant who captivated the world with a custom-designed trenchcoat featuring his dozens of world titles. No meal was too big for Cookie. However, he now faces the greatest challenge of his career: cancer.

Cookie, a husband, family man and father of two, was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and quickly underwent surgery. Following his recovery, doctors will use radiation therapy to eradicate any remaining cancer cells. This twist of fate would be a blow to almost anyone, but Cookie has faced it with the same courage and determination he brought to the table.

Cookie has received the best medical care possible, and with the support of his family and fellow eating stalwarts -- namely Don Lerman and Kevin Lipsits, who, with Cookie, comprise "The Three amigos" -- he is on his way to a full recovery.

"Cookie is more than a human being," said Major League Eating chairman George Shea. "He is a demi-god whose power is obvious to all those who have seen him compete. If he faces down this latest challenge as he has all those challenges of the past, victory is certain."