Friday, December 4, 2020
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MLE in Australia with 7-Eleven

Major League Eating reportedly has expanded its international reach to Australia by sanctioning a circuit of “Sports Slurping” with 7-Eleven Australia.

MLE superstar Pat Bertoletti will participate in multiple sanctioned Sports Slurping Time Trials, displaying his slurping skills in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Time Trials will begin on April 11, when Slurpee-loving Austrailans square off with the ice cream eating champion of the world. MLE veteran Hall Hunt will serve as the official MLE referee.

Major League Eating President Richard Shea became emotional when he recalled his introduction to the Slurpee: “During one summer in Maine I earned two PHDs in Slurpology. I was just a child at the time, but I’ve adored the beverage ever since.”

Slurpee is on the hunt for Australia’s fastest Slurper and will crown the first ever Sports Slurping champion in mid May 2010. The victor will be adorned with the illustrious title of ‘Sports Slurpee Champion’ and will take home the inaugural Sports Slurpee Trophy as well as a year’s supply of Slurpees. The slowest Sports Slurpee competitor will not escape public recognition as a Wooden Spoonstraw prize will be awarded for the slowest time! All Australian Slurpers aged 18 years and older can participate in the world’s first Sports Slurping contest. For Slurp Off dates and locations, visit