Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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MLE Offers Services in European Prune Dispute

NEW YORK, NY December 15, 2011 -- Major League Eating, the governing body of all stomach-centric sport, has offered to oversee and make official a prune eating contest between Sir Graham Watson (Lib Dem MEP for South West England) and Commissioner John Dalli, the head of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Sir Graham Watson has made headlines recently after he challenged the EFSA Commissioner to a prune eating contest. Sir Graham posed the challenge because he disputes the EFSA claim that prunes do not have a laxative effect. It is not yet known whether the two political leaders will face off over a plate of prunes, but Major League Eating’s offer to sanction the event may indeed make it a reality.

“Eating contests are esophageal jousts that have been used to settle scores since the beginning of time,” said Richard Shea, president of Major League Eating. “As the international organization that oversees eating on a professional level, we feel it only right to offer our services to Sir Graham Watson and the E.U.”

While Major League Eating sanctions the world’s best known eating contest, the Nathan’s Famous July Fourth International Hot Dog Eating Contest, it oversees eating contests throughout the world from Haggis in Northumberland to Wontons in Hong Kong.

“We may never know if water prevents dehydration or if global warming is real, but we have in our power the ability to confirm whether prunes are or are not a natural laxative,” said Shea. When asked where the contest between the two European leaders might take place, Shea offered: “If not London perhaps The Hague - not in the Peace Palace but within shouting distance.”