Thursday, November 26, 2020
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IFOCE Produces New TV Series, 'Eats of Strength'

The IFOCE, which has produced a number of television shows for ESPN and other networks, has produced a new series called Eats of Strength for InHD.

The series reportedly features the attempts of individual eaters to break world records in various food-eating disciplines.

Don Lerman challeneged Allen Goldstein's bologna-eating record, Tim Janus challenged Joey Chestnut's grilled cheese sandwich-eating record, Cookie Jarvis challenged Joe LaRue's corn-eating record, Crazy Legs Conti attempted to repeat his personal best in hot dogs and buns, Charles Hardy challenged Conti's green bean record and Joe LaRue took on Badlands Booker's donut record.

The shows will air on InHD beginning in July.