Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Dale Boone Laments Distance to TGI Fridays

Dale Boone, who claims to have cured his hair-trigger epiglottis, recently complained about the travel time necessary to reach TGI Fridays, one of the only American restaurant brands in Bangkok.

Boone -- the recently single Atlanta, GA, native on sabbatical in India -- has been chaffing of late to return to the nation of super-abundant fast food.

"Everyone here eats Indian food every day," Boone said. "They see nothing odd about that."

Boone said he is wrapping up a few loose strings related to his Hindi-language video business and that he will hurry home as soon as possible.

However, Boone cited one significant benefit from his trip abroad. After brief consultation, Dale's Indian doctors reportedly were able to identify a rare bacteria in the base of his throat. The doctors said it was this bacteria that had caused Dale's tendency to succumb to reversals of fortune.

Dale suggested that he will be unbeatable when he resumes competition in the IFOCE circuit this summer.