Friday, December 4, 2020
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Controversy Swirls Around Norfolk Qualifier

The eating community has been buzzing about the Norfolk qualifier for the Nathan's Famous July 4 contest after several people stepped forward to claim that Hall Hunt should have been the winner.

While details remain sketchy, some are saying that a cup was accidentally removed from the table following the event. There is speculation that the discarded cup was filled with detrious, which, if counted, would have tipped the scales in Hunt's favor, making him the winner.

(Apparently an individual in the mezzanine of the McArthur Center Mall was filming the event for personal use and has a tape of the entire contest.)

Comments also have been posted online regarding lax judging at the recent grilled cheese-eating contest, prompting calls for an increased number of officials at eating events.

The IFOCE said the issue was under review.