Thursday, November 26, 2020
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X Creates Ecuadorian Pizza

In a nod to his favorite World Cup contender, Ecuador, Eater X has created a special pizza that is reportedly moving fast at Grouppo Pizza in New York’s East Village. Comprised of an Andean corn crust and topped with cuy, a flavorful and crispy interpretation of pork, the pizza is rich and satisfying.

“The pork topping is special,” said Janus, the Shoo Fly Pie Eating Champ who has been flipping pizza pies for a little more than a month. “In Ecuador, cuy is roasted guinea pig and wildly popular. However, it is hard to find guinea in New York’s markets, and when one does it's rarely fresh, so I am substituting roasted pork. In my off hours I’ve been searching for a supplier of fresh nutria, which I think will better represent the precocious and layered flavor the guinea presents.”

At once crispy and moist, Janus’ Ecuadorian pizza is pregnant with spice. It also has a hint of ginger that hits like a strike, as if kicked onto your tongue by Carlos Tenorio, Ecuador’s forward who typically plays for Al Sadd in Qatar.

“Ecuador is my adopted patria and I often experiment with their cuisine,” continued Janus. “It is known that I play by my own rules in the kitchen. For instance, the pizza in Ecuador doesn’t have sauce, mine does.”

Janus defends his Shoo Fly Pie title on June 24th in Pennsylvania. Until then, he'll be manning the ovens at Grouppo.