Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Nathan's Wild Card Selection

The nerve-wracking Nathan's Famous wild-card selection process ended today with the announcement that Hall Hunt has secured the wild card spot for the biggest day in competitive eating -- July 4.

Hunt competed in Sunrise, FL (18 HDBs), Norfolk, VA (20.375 HDBs), and Atlanta, GA (17.5 HDBs) for an average of 18.625 HDBs. The closest competition in the wild card race was Erik the Red, who also excelled in three qualifiers: Sunrise, FL (13 HDBs), Tempe, AZ (19 HDBs) and San Francisco (19 HDBs) for an average of 17.17.

Allen Goldstein and Patrick Philbin, who were both in the wild card race at one time, have both won qualifiers and move on to Coney.

Larry McNeil and Andrew Lane also competed in three events, but failed to put up numbers that could overtake Hunt.