Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Final Nathan's Qualifier

The IFOCE reports that Thai eating officials have contacted them offering to sponsor an eater in the Nathan’s Famous International July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The June 20 qualifier in Pattaya Chonburi was cancelled due to weather. At the time, Thailand failed to exercise its opportunity to identify a competitor for the July 4th Classic. It’s now reported that Thai officials issued a formal request to have the IFOCE run another contest on their behalf. Niran Suchin of Pattaya Chonburi penned the offer, and stated that the country “longs to be on the worldwide stage of Coney Island if not in person, in spirit.”

Talks between the IFOCE and Suchin are ongoing. Early indication is that the competition would be conducted in Coney Island and spots would be limited.

“There is indeed a 20th seat available,” said Matt Rizzetta of the IFOCE. “It doesn’t need to be filled, but we are exploring this in the spirit of global harmony.”