Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Nerz Releases Eat This Book

St. Martin's Press has released Eat This Book, a chronicle of experiences on the competitive eating circuit by Ryan Nerz, who is considered one of the most insightful young journalists now writing.

The book, which has been largely praised by the eating intelligencia, explores Nerz' months as a host of the IFOCE, during which he traveled the nation to organize and emcee competitive eating events.

The book, which is now available at major book stores, and, recounts the history of the sport and introduces some of its most marketable stars: Takeru Kobayashi, Sonya Thomas, Badlands Booker and Charles Hardy.

Chapter 11 begins on April 21, 2004: "Being an emcee out on the circuit is like being a rock star on tour. That is, a rock star without the groupies, the posh travel arrangements, the stalking paparazzi, the raucus bouts of drug-fueled sex, the divalike demands, and the screeching hordes of fans."

Praise has been coming in from all corners.