Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Competitive Eaters Chosen for Johnsonville Brats

The IFOCE reportedly has chosen the five random entrants into the August 5 Johnsonville Brat-Eating Contest to be aired on ESPN. The eaters chosen from a field of 20 prospective entrants are: Erik Denmark, Thomas Denure, Jeremiah Jimenez, Bob Shoudt and Linda Woodie. In the event that any of these eaters cannot attend, alternates are Damon Serignet and PJ Kim.

If additional alternates are required they will be selected from the remaining 13 applicants.

Eaters could secure seats for the August 5 Johnsonville Brat-Eating Championship three different ways. Seats have been offered to the five top-ranked eaters in world; five seats were awarded to the top-five finishers in the June 17 Milwaukee Harley Davidson qualifier, and five seats were awarded randomly to applicants for the August 5 championship.

The event features $20,000 in prizes: $8,000 for first place; $4,000 for second; $2,000 for third; $1,500 for fourth; $1,000 for fifth; $850 for sixth; $700 for seventh; $600 for eighth; and $500 for ninth and $400 for tenth; $250 for eleventh and $200 for twelfth (adjusted slightly--this is final).