Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Boone Suspended

Competitive Eating Commissioner Charles Hardy has reported the suspension of Atlanta’s Dale Boone.

“Dale Boone was formally suspended on July 16 and is currently listed as inactive,” said Hardy, who failed to elaborate further.

A polarizing figure in the sport for years and the world reindeer sausage-eating champion, Boone returned to the U.S. from a stint in India earlier this summer. He competed in the Zoo Atlanta Nathan’s Famous qualifier where he was beaten badly by Pat Bertoletti. Boone also competed in, and won, the Memphis Rib Eating Championship on July 3rd.

A vocal proponent of southern fast food and short competitions, Boone has great affection for the Krystal Square Off and stated that he plans to compete in the event this year. Whether he’ll be listed as active in time to qualify is up in the air.

“I am not prepared to say at this point,” said Commissioner Hardy. “I will be monitoring Dale’s behavior closely.”