Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Competitive Eating Great, Badlands Booker, Retires

Eric 'Badlands' Booker, perhaps the most revered eater in IFOCE history, has officially announced his retirement from the sport of competitive eating.

In a statement to his legion of fans, who number in the hundreds of thousands, Badlands said "I feel my legacy in the sport is complete, and now I can focus my energy on even greater pursuits in the entertainment field while still staying involved with the IFOCE."

Booker's records and titles are too numerous to list. At various or multiple times in his illustrious career, Booker was the American Hot Dog Eating Champion, World Donut Eating Champion, World Corned Beef Eating Champion, World Matzo Ball Eating Champion, World Pumpkin Pie Eating Champion, World Burrito Eating Champion, etc., etc.

During recent years Booker's celebrity as a rapper has rivaled his stature as a competitive eater. His two albums, Hungry & Focused and The Ingestion Engine, have been hits among both music and competitive eating enthusiasts alike. In fact, Booker is the only entertainer to be reviewed by both Vibe and The Gurgitator, the leading publications in each industry.

"Badlands Booker is arguably the most respected eater ever to grace the competitive eating table" said IFOCE president Richard Shea. "Booker's popularity spawned a new generation of competitive eaters, who we now see competing at a level of skill that was previously unimaginable."

Booker is seen by many as a lock to be a first ballot Hall of Famer. While the IFOCE Hall of Fame is not expected to be physically constructed for many years due to budgetary constraints, its opening in cyberspace is expected to occur in the near future.