Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Bertoletti Tops in Jalapeno Pepper-Eating Contest

Despite the presence of pepper veteran Jed Donahue, Pat Bertoletti secured the title of World Jalapeno Eating Champion by consuming 177 pickled peppers in 15 minutes.

Las Vegas resident Rich "the Locust" LeFevre placed second with a total of 155 peppers while "Jalapeno" Jed Donahue placed third with 144. Erik the Red placed fourth with 107 and "Buffalo" Jim Reeves took fifth with 74.

Reports suggested Donahue struggled with the peppers following the conclusion of the match. However, he was awarded third in a fair call.

The event was held in acoma, NM, at the Sky City Casino as part of the 3rd Annual Sabor Caliente Salsa & Chili Championships.