Friday, December 4, 2020
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Chestnut Wins Pepper Poppers, But Bertoletti Continues to Impress

Joey Chestnut took top honors in the Jalapeno Popper-Eating Contest, which was part of the World Series of Eating, while the impressive Patrick Bertoletti took second and Tim Janus took third.

Chestnut downed 118 jalapeno poppers in the 10-minute Tucson, AZ event. Bertoletti ate 105, Eater X 96 and Jed Donohue placed fourth with 63. Donohue first rose to prominence in 2000 by eating 152 jalapeno peppers in 15 minutes in a contest on the border of Mexico.

The contest was part of the University of Arizona's Spring Fling festivities on Saturday, April 8. On Friday, "Loppi" Kirschner won bragging rights at the amateur contest.

Other pure jalapeno eaters of the past include Don Lerman, who won the contest on the Texas/Mexican border.