Friday, December 4, 2020
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Janus Flies to Memphis Despite Near Wild Card Lock

Eater X Tim Janus will compete at the 2006 Krystal Square Off qualifier in Memphis despite his recent performance of 52.5 burgers in Atlanta, a number that nearly ensures him a wild card spot in the October 28 final.

This somewhat quirky decision -- Memphis is beautiful in the fall, but so are many other locations -- will benefit those already in the wild card hunt while making it harder for those competing this weekend to secure a win and a seat in the final.

Janus may be motivated by what he considers to be a bad call by George Shea in Atlanta. The highly competitive match between Janus and Simpson came down to the final seconds and both were forced to remove burger from their over-stuffed mouths.

Janus felt that he had tied Simpson with 53 Krystals, but Shea was adamant. Some wags suggested that it was unlikely Shea saw anything as he was probably absorbed in his well-worn end-of-contest monologue.