Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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IFOCE Site Tops 100,000 Individual Visits per Month

The IFOCE has confirmed that its website,, has averaged more than 100,000 individual site visits and more than 290,000 page views each month during the past six months.

The remarkable traffic, which has risen consistently during the past five years, reflects growing interest in the sport of competitive eating in an organized form, which was popularized (many say created) by the IFOCE.

The IFOCE, established in 1997, brought rules, regulations and safety standards to the sport. Numerous new events were created by the IFOCE, which now runs nearly 100 events per year.

The founders of the IFOCE began their invlovement with competitive eating in 1991, when they began running, hosting and promoting the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest, an event which now draws tens of thousands of fans and receives worldwide attention.

The IFOCE is credited with creating the first-ever competitive eating website. Many eaters have added to the family of websites available to the fan.