Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Kobayashi V. Chestnut?

In recent months the talk in the competitive eating community has focused on the Konayashi Chestnut rematch at the Krystal Square Off Championships. However, some feel that a slew of other top eaters have a solid chance at making a bid for the number two spot.

In particular, handicappers have suggested that Sonya Thomas, Bob Shoudt, Tim Janus and Chip Simpson all have the potential to be within striking distance of the top two. Simpson and Janus both ate 53 Krystals to qualify while Chestnut and Shoudt ate 52. Thomas topped all others with a remarkable 62 Krystals in eight minutes.

Many believe that Chestnut could have eaten significantly more in his qualifying match had he not attended a GooGoo Dolls concert in Atlanta before driving all night to Florida for the contest. However, if Sonya knocks down 62 Krystals in the final she will be right there in the hunt.