Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Conti Joins Paris Hilton, Cornelia Guest and Other Cultural "Celebrities"

Anyone old enough to remember the 1980s knows that some people achieve celebrity for no particular reason. Take Cornelia Guest, the party-hopping predecessor to Paris Hilton. Guest had neither Hilton's physique, nor her predilection for video, but she was still a celebrity.

Now, Crazy Legs Conti joins the ranks of the glitteratti. Is it his position within the eating world? Is it his unusual dress? (He chose a powder blue tuxedo, matching short trousers and a Seuss-style powder-blue hat for last Saturday's Coney Island USA fundraiser.) Or is it his embrace of the culturally marginal that appeals to fans?

The question may never be answered, but it is by now certain that his appearances in FHM, on Emeril, and in documentary after documentary rank him among stars such as Carrot Top, JJ Walker and even his own idol, Corey Feldman. In fact, legs is a more sought-after guest than all three of these individuals.

So, for those who want to either plumb the mystery of Conti's appeal, or simply get an autograph, don't miss his appearance on Love Ahoy, a Love Boat meets Dating Game combination game show in which sexy bachelors compete for the coveted title of "First Mate."