Friday, December 4, 2020
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Consumer Anticipation Builds for MLE Gear

Retailers from Lubbock to Levittown have been dealing with crowds of shoppers intent on securing one of the new Play Station 3 gaming sets that retails from $500 to $600. The Bakersfield, CA Wal Mart was allotted just 12 units to sell yet hundreds camped out last night to purchase one. Crowds have been difficult to manage and consumers have displayed a complete lack of holiday etiquette.

In the midst of this early holiday shopping frenzy, the IFOCE plans to release two new hats. Aside from a limited release of white MLE t-shirts this summer, these hats are the first official Major League Eating™ gear ever marketed.

The first MLE hat is a six-panel low crown gray lid constructed of pigment dyed twill that has been heavy garment washed. It features the MLE fist with fork logo on the front and a Velcro enclosure on the back. The second hat to be released this season is “the IFOCE Throwback,” a brown and khaki stretch fit cotton hat that features the IFOCE seal on the front.

The hats will be sold via the IFOCE web site and the organization, fearing its servers could be overwhelmed, is not revealing an official start time for sales. In a statement, the IFOCE said: “Both hats are expected to go on sale over the weekend and the initial run will be limited.”