Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Philbin Expulsion Under Review?

Sources say that based on enormous outpouring of support by fans of Pat from Moonachie, the IFOCE has decided to review the expulsion of Pat Philbin.

According to reports, the IFOCE feels that, regardless of how overtly disgusting the Baby Bird video was, there may have been a rush to judgment in the expulsion and that Pat deserves a full review by his peers.

The IFOCE apparently was disappointed that he participated in an offensive video. However, Pat has always been an asset to the IFOCE and he is loved by fans.

Sources say the IFOCE has established a blue ribbon panel of eating veterans – the Baby Bird Study Group -- to review the entire incident and to issue a full report with recommendations as soon as possible.

This panel will determine if Pat breached the IFOCE Code of Conduct, and will decide whether there is room for a moderated penalty.