Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Janus First In-Studio Guest on BB’s Corner

BeautifulBrain’s Corner, the first and only web-based competitive eating talk show, welcomes Eater X Tim Janus for its 8th installment. Janus will be the first guest to appear live in BeautifulBrian’s Staten Island studio.

Previous guests have included Cookie Jarvis, Patrick Bertoletti and Charles Hardy. It may be that the eaters feared BB’s relentless questioning, or it may be that they feared the trip over the Verazano, but either way, none of those competitive eaters were able to appear with Brian in the studio.

Suggested questions reportedly have been flooding into, including: Who is the Whaler? (Is he related to the Mariner?), Who is the Invisible Man? (Is he related to Oleg Zhornitskiy?), and, finally, Who is Tim Janus? Because most, it seems, are worried.

Also streaming into are requests for dates and activities more intimate from women across the nation. Ever since MTV’s True Life: I’m a Competitive Eater, Janus has been overwhelmed with offers. Perhaps he needs three personalities to keep up.

(By the way, the BB’s Corner with the highest-ever ratings had to be Episode #5, Don Moses Lerman, a man who was made for the camera. Note: Lerman's interview was in-person, but not in-studio.)