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MLE Points System

Sources report that Major League Eating will introduce an exciting points system with the start of the 2007 competitive eating season. The points system will be based on a four-tier distribution ladder, with various events offering a total of 15, 25, 50 or 100 points. The distribution of points will be based on factors such as a contest’s purse and its level of competition.

The MLE points chase will culminate with a final points championship at season’s end where top MLE point holders will be invited to compete.

Currently, the 100 point events confirmed for the 2007 schedule are the Nathan’s Famous July 4th International Hot Dog Eating Contest and the Krystal Square-Off IV. Qualifying events for these circuits will each offer 25 points. Major League Eating anticipates adding additional 100-point events before season’s end.

Popular contests such as the Three Brothers International Pizza-Eating Championship, the Rockvale Outlets Shoo-Fly Pie-Eating Championship and the Queen Mary World Chili Cheese Fries-Eating Championship, will each offer 50 points.

Points will be distributed to all IFOCE members participating in contests classified as points events, with points being spread among the top ten finishers. When a contest is a points event, point allocations will be announced at the time event registration begins.

“Introducing points is a significant step in the growth of competitive eating,” said Richard Shea, Major League Eating’s president. “We feel that implementing a points system adds structure and importance to the annual circuit while also advancing the fan experience.”

Major League Eating’s point system takes effect at the first contest of the 2007 season, the Pretzel Twister World Pretzel-Eating Championship. There will be 50 up for grabs at this event. The break down is as follows: 1st Place = 18 pts, 2nd Place = 12 pts, 3rd Place = 6 pts, 4th Place = 4 pts, 5th Place = 3 pts, 6th Place = 2 pts, 7th Place = 2 pts, 8th Place = 1 pt, 9th Place = 1 pt and 10th Place = 1 pt.