Friday, December 4, 2020
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Chestnut Maintains Lead in Points Race

Joey Chestnut is still leading the pack in 2007 with his latest victory at Bikinis Bar and Grill on Saturday. The number one eater in America ate 6 lbs, 8 oz of Bikinis String Fries in 10 minutes, besting the 2nd place athlete, Eater X, by a pound and a half. Chip Simpson rounded out the top three, with 4 lbs, 4 oz.

This is how the points stand after two contests in 2007:

Joey Chestnut: 36 pts (1st place Pretzel Twister, 1st place Bikinis)

Tim Janus: 24 pts (2nd place Pretzel Twister, 2nd place Bikinis)

Sonya Thomas: 6 pts (3rd place Pretzel Twister)

Chip Simpson: 6 pts (3rd place Bikinis)

Pat Bruss: 4 pts (4th place Pretzel Twister)

Seaver Miller: 4 pts (4th place Bikinis)

Dale Boone: 3 pts (5th place Pretzel Twister)

Crazy Legs: 3 pts (5th place Bikinis)

Joe LaRue: 2 pts (6th place Pretzel Twister)

Kevin Ross: 2 pts (6th place Bikinis)

Hall Hunt: 2 pts (7th place Pretzel Twister)

Nathan Biller: 2 pts (7th place Bikinis)

Brickhouse: 2 pts (10th place Pretzel Twister, 9th place Bikinis)

Aturo Rios: 1 pt (8th place Pretzel Twister)

Larry McNeil: 1 pt (8th place Bikinis)

Micah Collins: 1 pt (9th place Pretzel Twister)

Pete Davekos: 1 pt (10th place Bikinis)