Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Major League Eaters Tops in Wing Bowl

Joey Jaws Chestnut lead the Major League Eating team to a 1-2-3 sweep at Wing Bowl 15 by downing 182 wings in a three-round, 30-minute tournament that featured some amazing new eaters and the greatest comeback in chick wing-eating history.

In second place was Patrick Bertoletti with 170 wings and in third place was Sonya Thomas, who consumed 169. Chestnut won a new car from Matt Blatt Auto for his effort.

After the first round, the MLE eaters were in the middle of the pack and certain top eaters, who everyone expected in the finals, were bumped. However, Chestnut, Bertoletti and Thomas refsued to concede victory to the Phialadelphia eaters and in an amazing comback, they all overcame a deficit of more than 20 wings to top the Philly eaters.