Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Liz Kellermeyer Submits Killer Bunnette Video

Competitive eating fan and blogger Liz Kellermeyer has submitted a remarkably compelling bunnette audition video to The video, which follows Liz throughout her day as she counts food quantities whenever possible, is considered both sexy and comedic by insiders.

The notoriously closed-mouthed IFOCE/MLE declined comment, but one insider, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid censure, said Kellermeyer "nailed it."

"Liz's submission was coy, tantalizing, funny and endearing," the source said. "Her outfit, which included an IFOCE babydoll T-shirt and form-fitting shorts, showcased her figure and is sure to receive many votes."

MLE is expected to soon add a submission from Brooke Helvie, Miss South Florida Fair. Brooke is an acknowledged beauty queen, but it will be difficult for her to match the success of the Kellermeyer submission.