Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Full Controversy Video Available on MLE

Controversy swirled around the Nathan's Philly qualifier on Memorial Day weekend after two individuals vehemently claimed that Bob Shoudt had eaten an additional plate of five hot dogs without receiving credit for them. MLE, in an apparent nod to the issue, has posted the full contest video for fans to review at

According to the two highly agitated individuals, who will remain nameless in this report, Shoudt should have won the competition, beating Sonya Thomas by two HDBs. They claimed that the Nathan's Famous judge did not count all the plates.

The Nathan's Famous judge stated that he counted all of Shoudt's plates and that Shoudt's hot dogs had arrived to the table on plates that had stuck together, causing Shoudt to count additional plates when he labored to separate them.

The video that has been posted provides one continuous shot of the entire contest, focusing primarily on Shoudt and Thomas. However, it does not remain focused only on Shoudt's plate, so it is likely to be considered inconclusive by some.

Nonetheless, several viewers have reported watched the video and claimed that it shows that Shoudt's hot dogs were closely counted and that, to support claims of a mis-count, Shoudt would have had to eat five additional hot dogs during one of the 10-second periods when the camera pans away. These viewers claim that it is possible to follow Bob's consumption throughout the contest, if one allows for the missed moments when the camera pans away.

They also claim that the video reveals the MLE host repeatedly alerting the Nathan's judge to the multiple plate issue and conscientiously following the count.

Meanwhile a series of time-stamped photos have been sent to the IFOCE allegedly revealing Brian Subich dunking hot dog and bun in water and retrieving only the bun at the same contest. Wags say these photos support accusations that Subich left a total of five hot dogs in his drink cups.