Friday, December 4, 2020
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Shoudt, Chestnut Trade Barbs

Two of the most gentle eaters on the circuit appear to have engaged in an unlikely war of the words in recent weeks. Joey Chestnut, who is known for his bon ami, and Humble Bob Shoudt, who has frequently been referred to as a gentle giant, seem to find each other objectionable.

After a recent trash-talking session, Chestnut attempted to enter a contest in which he knew Shoudt was scheduled to compete. It has been said that Chestnut's sole reason for competing was to prevent Shoudt from notching a win.

Chestnut's string of victories during the past six months might prompt some to dismiss an eating rivalry with Shoudt. However, Shoudt has shown enormous potential in recent outings and refuses to concede dominance to the young Californian upstart.