Thursday, November 26, 2020
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The Gift of Music

Kevn Kinney is perhaps best known for his work as front man of southern rock stalwarts Drivin’ N Cryin. To this day, such Drivin N Cryin classics as ‘Straight to Hell’ and ‘Fly Me Courageous’ fit snugly into the iPODs of eating fans worldwide.

It is Kinney’s solo work, however, that seems to resonate with a larger audience with a larger capacity. His first solo effort was MacDougal Blues, produced in 1990 by REM’s lead guitarist Peter Buck. That album includes the seminal song “Last Song of Maddie Hope,” but it is surely the acoustic jump of “Hey Landloard” that endeared Kinney to the Major League Eating community. In it Kinney sings “I’ve been eating meatloaf and fishsticks for thirty years now.”

Ben Hennington, former marketing director for oyster eating contest sponsor Acme Oyster House and one of Kinney’s biggest fans, told CEn: “Kinney is the deal. For as long as I live I’ll never forget that I once got to sing backup for the Eddie Simons when they covered Straight to Hell at the Homedale.”

On the 17th Anniversary of Kinney’s solo career, the CEN suggests purchasing one of the following CDs for the eater on your holdiday gift list.

Kevn Kinney: Broken Hearts and Auto Parts
Kevn Kinney: MacDougal Blues
Kevn Kinney: Down Out Law
Kevn Kinney: Sun Tangled Angel Revival
Andrew Bird: Andrew Bird